Hausse & FH index Calculator

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This Excel application consists of a hausse- and FH index calculator altogether in the same package. From an editable ticker list the hausse- and FH index is calculated. On 1’st page, enter values for short-term investors (ca.55 days) or long-term investors (110 days). There is room for 10 ticker lists all of which can be changed to fit your own needs. Hausse and F/H index can be displayed both daily and weekly.

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Hausse & FH index calculator downloads stock data arranged in a ticker list from “Yahoo Finance”.

Moving average is calculated for each share, the result is saved and at last all results are put together in a data table for the entire index (ticker list).

The result is shown as a graph on the “Main Sheet” and then transferred to the corresponding tab.


Tab 1 (Main Sheet)

it is possible to enter the following:

  1.  Start date and end date for the download
  2.  Index radio buttons allows you to select up to 10 index (ticker lists)
  3.  In two fields is entered respectively the moving average for Hausse- and FH index.
  4.  It is possible to show the index on a weekly basis (w) and daily basis (d).
  5.  Zoom level is set in a field and it reflected on all tabs.
Tab 2 (Tickers)

Here is the ticker lists located.

  1.  Here you can enter the country name and index.
  2.  Here you can enter the ticker list. On the page is already entered default ticker lists.
  3.  The length of the ticker list is only limited by the installed memory.
  1. Download time is dependent of the speed of the Internet connection.
  2. The calculation speed is limited by power of the computer and memory size.

The idea to make this calculator was initiated of Market Timer.

Minimum System Requirement:
  1. Windows 8.1-32/64Bit, windows 8-32/64 Bit, Windows 7 32/64Bit sp1, Windows Vista 32/64 Bit sp2.
  2. 2GB RAM
  3. 65 GB Harddrive or Bigger
  4. Microsoft office Excel 2007 or 2010 (compatibility problems with Excel 2013 and 2016, known issue)


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