LinTec develops investment tools for use by the private investor.

Hausse index and FH (fear and hope) index calculator.

Both a Hausse index and F/H index calculator is in the same package. From an editable ticker list the Hausse index and F/H index are calculated. On the first page, select one out of ten indices by means of an array of radio buttons, enter values for short-term investors (aprox.55 days) or long-term investors (110 days or more). There is room for 10 ticker lists all of which can be changed as desired. Hausse- and F/H indices can be displayed both daily and weekly.

Risk Management Calculator.

Currently there is a calculator for risk management of investment in the program. Enter portfolio, stock price, the risk in % and stop loss in %. Hereafter stop loss position, risk and number of shares to be purchased are calculated.

Both calculators are very easy to use.

Hausse- & FH index Description